Ultimate Chocolate Cupcakes with Ganache Filling

To say I’m a fan of America’s Test Kitchen is an understatement at best.  Who doesn’t love a man in a bow tie (Christopher Kimbell) and the great Chefs that he has cooking along with him!  There has not been a recipe that I have tried from their cookbooks that hasn’t come out delicious.  I own 8 of their cookbooks, and was a subscriber on their website’s as well.  I really believe that if you need to know something about food, they are my go to for answers.  Along with all the great recipes, they also post video’s to help you understand the techniques that also go along with a recipe.  I wanted my first post about America’s Test Kitchen to be about my favorite cupcakes that I tried many years ago, and continue to make them every few months.

The Ultimate Chocolate Cupcakes really describe this treat.  They are everything you could want in a cupcake;  deep rich chocolate flavor, moist and tender, and best of all….a chocolate ganache that gushes in your mouth as you bit into the cupcake.  To top it off, there is a Chocolate Swiss Buttercream frosting that melts in your mouth.  Amazing, delicious,  and tantalizing are words to describe these cupcakes.  I hope you enjoy my photograph, and you can see everything I was talking about!  I know I enjoyed eating them and for that matter, so did my neighbors!

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