Blogging – You have to start somewhere!

Today is really the day for me to start blogging at long last!  I started this weeks ago, but starting is not as easy as you think.  I have so much admiration for all the amazing blogs that I follow and read each day.  I can only hope that my readers(if I do in fact have some) learn and love my photo’s and recipes.  Since I’ve been talking about Crumpets since I started this whole thing…………..well here goes……….Crumpets!  After making three recipes of these delicious English treats, I can honestly say that I love them more than when I first ate them years ago.  I was introduced to them in Seattle, Washington while we where shopping at Pike’s Place Market.  If you have never been to Pike’s Place Market, let me just say, you need to go, truly one of the most delightful places in the USA!   The store is called “The Crumpet Shop” and I’m going to include an address in case you ever have the opportunity to go:  Not only is Seattle a magical place, Pike’s Place Market is a foodie paradise.  Crumpets, you really must try making these at home.  You do need a few speciality items, mainly crumpet rings which you can purchase at any kitchen speciality store.  There is a griddle involved, yeast and a few other items.  I hope you love them as much as I do!  Thought I would post a picture of a ready to eat Crumpet just to get you in the mood!

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